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A weekend celebrating how Bristol born Archie Leach changed his name and his fortunes to become internationally famous film star Cary Grant, yet never forgot his Bristol roots. Includes talks, tours, cocktails, a film-making challenge and red carpet gala screenings.

Cary Came Home

12_redcarpet3_low res

Cary Grant Welcomed in Style at Red Carpet Gala Screenings

The first Cary Grant Comes Home For The Weekend Festival brings the golden age of Hollywood to the Hippodrome with red carpet entrance, showcasing Bristol talent with live music, performance and film at the festival gala screenings.

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90-seconds of fame

Mroph by Morphwest cropped

Young Filmmaking Talent Shines at Hippodrome

The winners of the Cary Grant Film Challenge were announced before our gala screening of North by Northwest. The prize was a framed Morph by Morphwest poster created by Aardman especially for the festival. 

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